Georgetown Lake

About Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake is located on the Pintler Scenic Route, this scenic highway takes you over mountain passes to Anaconda and Philipsburg and along the shores of scenic Georgetown Lake. Approximately 18 miles west of Anaconda, Georgetown Lake is a popular recreation area for boating, fishing, camping and windsurfing with access to lodging, restaurants, casinos and a marina. Nestled on top of the Flint Creek pass with the Pintler Wilderness to the south, Flint Creek Mountain Range to the north, Flint Creek Valley to the west, and the Deer Lodge Valley and Anaconda to the east. The peaks of the Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness form the backdrop.

It is a man-made lake of approximately 2,780 acres of surface area enclosed by 19 miles of shoreline. It is known to be the best fishing lake in Montana and one of the best fishing lakes in North America. The lake lies at an altitude of 6384 feet above sea level and produces healthy, good-eating trout and salmon due to its cold water temperature. Species of fish in the lake include Rainbow, Brown, Easter Brook, Greyling Trout and Kokanee Salmon. Besides these fish, Georgetown also has a year around population of muskrat, ducks, geese, blue cranes and mud hens.

If you take a hike in our area you may see deer, elk, moose, bobcat, fox, black bear, coyote or in the higher elevations mountain goats and sheep. Just the view from the middle of the lake is breathtaking. In winter, Georgetown Lake is a haven for snowmobilers with 75 miles of groomed trails. While cross-country skiers enjoy the mountain trails and downhill skiers find nearby Discovery Basin a delight. The area is also enjoyed by nature lovers, ice fishermen and sled dog racers.

There are three National Forest campgrounds, a private campground and six fishing access locations. There are also facilities available to tourists and visitors at the Seven Gables and the Brown Derby.

Georgetown Lake History

Georgetown Lake, at the upper reaches of Flint Creek, is one of the state’s oldest hydroelectric projects. The lake is incredibly popular with the locals and is visited summer and winter. Flint Creek was first dammed in 1885 and was further developed in 1891 when the silver mines in Philipsburg demanded a source of electric power. In the 1890s Marcus Daly’s Butte, Anaconda, and Pacific Railroad ran weekend trains to the lake for the workers in Butte and Anaconda. A steamboat plied the lake, offering excursion trips. Today, the preferred pastimes at Georgetown Lake are boating, windsurfing, fishing, and snow-kiting, although many people simply go there to weekend at their cabins.

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